Advance Under Fire!

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  1. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    Revisiting the old place again, no smoke this time but using a single speedlight shot through an orange gel to create a fire glow effect. (SOC no editing).
    I think when smoke is added the effect will begin to be complete...oh and more sets on the way.


    Cheers for keeping up
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  2. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    The lighting great Kev and creates a great illusion, especially in the second shot. I think you are right, that when the smoke is added, it will be very convincing indeed. :)
  3. Beth Anthony

    Beth Anthony Well-Known Member

    wow. just wow. that first one had me taken in for a split second as i was working out what was going on. i love the details, the bullet holes, the advertisement, all beautifully done. i think adding smoke will be the cherry on top.
  4. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    Thank you Pete and Beth, these were just a couple of quick grabs in a moment of spare time, looking forward to spending some quality time on the project again, been a bit busy in the making shed of late...
  5. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

  6. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    Thanks Brian, still much to do though
  7. Dan Cattermole

    Dan Cattermole Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble

    Get in Kev!!!
    Top banana! Keep them firing this way matey!
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