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Discussion in 'General' started by Darren Turner, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Glen Roberts

    Glen Roberts Well-Known Member

    There's been some truly excellent photographs this year by all of you and I can imagine you've had a hard time choosing only four as I have. You know most of my shots are birds but I didn't want to stick with them so I tried to pick something a bit different.

    Spider Face On.
    I've tried many times to get a close up of spider looking straight on trying to get all the eyes in focus. I didn't quite get the eyes as the face is a bit dark but I like the way the flash has lit up the legs showing them to be almost see through.

    Sunrise at the Coast.
    This was taken one chilly morning in October when I forgot to turn off the alarm on a day off and was rudely awaken at 5:30am:mad:. So rather than turn over back to sleep I took advantage of the clear sky and went for the sunrise.

    Breaking the Surface.
    This was my Favourite shot from about five hundred when I tried photographing water drops. It looks like the shot was caught just as the drop was about to break the surface of the water and the colour of the glass I used gives a nice golden glow to the image.

    Puffin Portrait.
    Well I had to pick one bird shot;). I picked this one because it's not often you get to photograph Puffins with a Macro Lens and it reminds me of a great trip onto Skomer just off Pembrokshire. They always remind me of a sad looking clown:(:D:D.
  2. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

  3. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    Glen, they are all great but the puffin wins it for me :)
  4. Dan Cattermole

    Dan Cattermole Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble

    If Carlsberg made threads, this would probably be the best thread in the world!!!
    Wow! Wow! And more Wow!!!!! What a great thread for almost the end of 2011 !!
    Round of applause for Top Dog Turner and this wonderfull thought!! (I feel a title change coming on!!! :D :D :D)
    (Kev, loving the Avatar!! ) :)
  5. Thomas brookes

    Thomas brookes RPF Chief iPhone app Reviewer

    Well. First of all great shots everyone!!!! agreed with Davie and Chris about alot of talent around here!! I like the fact that you have put images I myself would have picked out for you if some one had said pick their four best images this year!!

    So.....on to me

    I have had my d7000 for about ten months now and it is my very first dslr as i had been using my iphone for all of my shots before.
    so i kind of jumped in at the deep end ( or was pushed by hamish for selling it to me ) its been a sharp learning curve but i love it.
    Looking back though some of my pics I can really see the maturity and growth. I had a lot to choose from but these are my favourite 4

    Alex in the mist.

    I love this shot for many reasons but one of them is it's kinda time less. I love the patchy wet concrete and the mysterious girl waiting at the end. Taken in the first month of having my camera I think. a solid favourite and always will be... Oh I Forgot to say I was quite drunk so a feat in itself really


    Speak no evil.

    Haha. Where to start with this one. I know a favourite of some of you on here. speak no evil was the start of me generating an identity and a "style" in some respects. I loved the shock factor it gave on the forum . And people thinking I had lost it and actually sewn my lips together. I regret giving the game away to early by telling you guys how i had done it.
    Still need to finish this set!!


    my first real outing with the camera to the beautiful gower coast in Wales. It Was my first time shooting Joe public so felt a little under pressure at times loved it all. This is my favourite shot of the day.


    I love this shot for many reasons 1 because it was the lead up to hilarious events during the rfp meet and 2 I didn't really know what I was trying to achieve that night ad was really experimenting and practicing then this corker popped up.


    Thanks for looking your support and your very helpful encouraging comments over the past year this site and community has become an asset and I'm so glad to be apart of it!
  6. Darren Turner

    Darren Turner XProPhotographer

    Wonderful & colourful top 4, I really like the zombie shot, think I would sh1t myself if I saw them guys walking around town. Well spotted & Taken

    I think your becoming the king of BW on the forum just lately, they are a great set, I love the view of pershore in your first photo. It’s also nice to visit places that have sentimental value like your second of the lads fishing, I used to love going with my dad when I was about that age. I was struggling to work out what your last photos was until I read your text I thought it was some kind of fungus at first

    Candid of your dad is a quality photo, shots like these are hard to capture, and best taken when the persons is unaware of your intentions. There is just enough light on his face to show the concentration or maybe confusion while he’s playing with his camera. That silhouette of the life guard hut on the beach at sunset is awesome Chris, love them deep blues in the sky. While that last 2 are very good views, I think it the processing that really makes these pop and work so well.

    A wonderful set of landscapes, you live in a stunning area by the looks. That first photo is awesome. I also love your sunset, maybe a little help of HDR or similar but it still works very well for me.

    Your Macro shots are amazing, that spider looks well scary to me, I hate the buggers, but it’s so good to see such a great detail on a close up like this. That sunset is great; I love the POV through the grasses. Water droplets are loads of fun aint they? Now were talking, what you do THE BEST “BIRDS” that awesome, you should be well chuffed with that one.

    That first image has a kind of seedy urban look, but when done so well like this it really works for me. I have never really played around with misty shots yet. OMG how gruesome is that 2nd shot did you REALLY sew your lips together then? Like the 3rds of the surfers, can’t beat a nice figure in a wetsuit but hey that subject is for another day  That last has a real trippy feel I love it.
  7. Darren Turner

    Darren Turner XProPhotographer

    awesome idea eh, really enjoying this myself :)
  8. Dave Moss

    Dave Moss Active Member

    All I can say is wow to this thread
  9. Ralph Thornton

    Ralph Thornton Well-Known Member

    Love the water drop and the Puffin Portrait. The water drop is nice and sharp with very nice color. I like that I can see the reflections clearly. The Puffin Portrait is simply fantastic.

    I definitely agree with your first photo Alex in the Mist. The railing and shadow draw me right into the photo whe my eye is eventually caught be Alex. It's a very interesting shot.
  10. Paul Lange

    Paul Lange Moderator

    Wow, I have to say what a truly beautiful collection of images differing in style and subject. I raked through my catalogue for a while and ended up with a headache! I really am terrible at being able to judge the relative merits of my own photographs, I seem to get very attached to them all. I also got very confused and many of the shortlisted candidates were from the year before so I had to let them go. I have worked it down to these 4 but even now I am not sure!

    A portrait of my eldest Daughter Ella. This particular edit has not been posted before.

    An old rundown cart at Kentwell Hall (apparently it's famous, someone on the forum recognised it)! I just like how something so decayed could look so beautiful with the patches of light caused by the leaves above moving over it.

    I am fairly certain that this was taken in Libya in February and it is not one from an earlier visit. It took me a few months to see the potential in it. I feel a bit of a plonka for not noticing it sooner.

    This is another photograph of Ella getting ready for the evening when we were on holiday in Ibiza this year. This is the first time I have posted it even though I really like it, especially the way you can see here eye through the bag.

    I have to also mention that I think this is a brilliant idea for a thread Darren. It's no wonder why it has had such a positive response.
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  11. Dan Cattermole

    Dan Cattermole Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble

    I'd of been disappointed if you hadn't included that Lybia picture Paul, i was really hoping you'd chuck that stunning picture in the mix! Lol. Great, great collection mate!! Very very good!!!! :) :)
  12. Paul Lange

    Paul Lange Moderator

    Ah, thanks man.

    Can you just feel the love in this place!
  13. Dan Cattermole

    Dan Cattermole Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble

    I'm sure Kev could express the love amongst this thread and more!! :D :D :D
  14. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    What can I say? Well I can start by doing as 'Ringo' and spreading some love an peace mannnnnnn!

    Then I can move on to saying that since joining this rather superb place I have met both physically and virtually, some really nice folk, folk who's talents and vision both amaze and inspire me, I envy many, for both their talent and their location in the world.

    I look forward to seeing this forum grow in the spirit that I believe Hamish, 'DA DON' :D:D:D set it up in, a true spirit of photo-friendship, somewhere we can all learn and experience the dream and passion, the passion that is our art.

    I honestly feel that I have developed since joining and now seem to have earned a title, thanks for that Dan :p but hope that I can continue to develop further and live the dream and for that I thank you all :)

    Hows that Dan enough love????? :D:D:D:D:D
  15. Ralph Thornton

    Ralph Thornton Well-Known Member

    The "Libya" photo is definitely a keep. I'm like you I think in that I often overlook many of my photos but find when I come back to them later they somehow have grown on me.

    The portrait of Ella is stunning. Well balanced natural lighting. I just love how you capture her eyes. I presume that one is hanging in your home somewhere, eh?
  16. Dan Cattermole

    Dan Cattermole Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble

    Now.... Now that's love Kev... That is love!!
    I'm not even going compete with that, I may raise a few eyebrows and get people scratching their heads debating my sexuality if I took this love further!! :D :D :D
    Spot on what you said there though Kev! :)
  17. Dave Moss

    Dave Moss Active Member

    lol Dan I almost choked over my coffee but I agree with the sentiment :D
  18. Dan Cattermole

    Dan Cattermole Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble

    :D :D :D
  19. Paul Lange

    Paul Lange Moderator

    Thanks Ralph, I was thinking the other day that I should print and frame some more photographs. I am slowly covering the stairway all with them but have been a bit lazy lately. I have stacks of paper and just need to get printing!

    Good to see we're all loved up! just hope it all remains platonic :)
  20. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

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