If You've Never Been To Boston...

Discussion in 'Locations' started by Glenn Clabo, May 2, 2014.

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    The first time I heard the words Boston and New York was back in my early days in short trousers. Like many Irish people, my Dads brothers and sisters emigrated to NY and Boston in the 1930s. I imagined what NY looked like from the images of tall buildings, men with beards and long cars that appeared on the postage stamps on the very much looked forward to letters from the Yanks in America.
    At Christmas time it was very exciting and my brother and I would sit on the bottom step of the stairs waiting for the postman to drop the giant and perfume scented cards in their coloured envelopes through the letterbox. "Via Air Mail" it said and we knew who they were from.
    We then waited and wondered if they would ever be coming home.
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