Critique Welcomed Lost Place Military Area Jüterbog

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  1. Jan-Niclas Aberle

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    The old military area in Jüterbog is one of the oldest military areas in Germany. It was found in 1862 and used until 1994. Since 1994 there was no military use on this area anymore. To day in this area you can find a large number of rare animals and plants. But you also can find the traces of the military use.


    One of the last buildings in the area.


    Most roady a this area are made of loose sand.


    Or with the original pavement from the first military use.


    The view from the command post ofe the bigest part of the area that was last used for sowiet tank training. In the background is the largest dune in Brandenburg.

    Blog-5.jpg Blog-6.jpg

    View inside the command post.


    View from the dune to the command post.


    Some roads through the area for tanks and other vehicles.
  2. Shaun Haselden

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    I absolutely adore lost military installations with their strange, other worldly atmospheres. I also love the fact that you have maintained a good sense of perspective.
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  3. Pete Askew

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    Excellent set Jan-Niclas. I enjoyed these very much.
  4. Dave Farnes

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    That is a fine set of images, well done. I get the feeling that having been abandoned by man, nature is preparing to reclaim it. If it is left alone I can imagine a young pine forest there in 50 years time.

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