Mave On The Move - Week 5

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    Hello again,

    I hinted at the end of last week’s entry that I might be short on material this week, that I might hit the photographer’s equivalent of Writer’s block. Maybe I jinxed myself because that's exactly what has happened. It has been a quiet week in a quiet part of the world. Enjoyable, but quiet. That’s my excuse for not having too many pictures this week, but I guess that’s gonna be the case every now and then as I pass the weeks on this trip. I have taken a few pictures this week, just not very good ones. This is the Australian Sunshine Coast so I’ve seen a few beaches (quite a few actually), seen a rain forest or two & visited a few sleepy towns to while away some time. Oh, and I spent the Easter Holiday weekend at a music festival, one I decided not to bring my SLR to. So all in all not a lot to report on this week.

    Picture 29, Day 29 – Maroochydore Beach, Sunshine Coast. Australia. April 3rd 2012.
    Aussies have a special connection with the beach & in this part of the country especially it’s all about water - they love to play in it & they want to live by it. This is a picture of a ready-for-action lifeguard rescue surfboard & buoy on Maroochydore Beach, just one of the Sunshine Coast beaches, most of which are fronted by eateries, boutiques, surf clubs & upscale apartments.

    Picture 30, Day 30 – Koala, Travelers Treasure, Montville, Queensland, Australia. April 4th 2012.
    The Sunshine Coast isn’t all about beaches. It has some nice mountain retreats, one of which is Montville, a fashionable mountain village full of air & graces, Devonshire tea rooms & cottage crafts. It was in a tourist shop that I saw these stuffed, Made In China Koala bears which I thought were cute… & very Australian. Oh, & with a bit of luck this week I’ll be paying a visit to a sanctuary with real, breathing koalas.

    Picture 31, Day 31 – Noosa Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. April 5th 2012.
    Back to the beach (didn't I say the unshine Coast was all about the beach?). This is probably my favourite capture of the week, that of activity on Noosa beach, another of the Sunshine Coasts’ beaches (& it’s most affluent). This was taken shortly after mid-day & the sun was very intense, creating a sort of a silhouette effect that I liked.

    Picture 32, Day 33 – Brunswick Heads, Queensland, Australia. April 7th 2012.
    One final beach picture, this picture was taken on Brunswick Heads beach in New South Wales. I like this picture because of the expanse of the scene.

    What’s Next?
    Again I’m not too sure! I’ll be paying the Queensland capital of Brisbane a visit this weekend & will be flying to Melbourne in the south of the country in time for next weekend. Beyond that I’ll be arriving in New Zealand on the 24th of this month to begin a month+ road trip. I’m pretty sure I’ll have something worth showing from New Zealand but I’m not getting too ahead of myself just yet – or give up on Australia. Bear with me… & check back again next week.

    Once again I hope you’re enjoying the entries and that you’re seeing (and reading) something you like.

    Until next time. Regards from the Sunshine Coast (where it is nice & quiet).

    David M
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    Well it looks like you're having miserable weather anyway! ;) And some mean sod has stuck flag through that Koala and the other two appear to have become addicted to 'crack' - terrible, but I'm glad you have highlighted the plight of these most charming of creatures at the hands of the tourists!!

    I love the partial silhouette shot (and the poor Koalas).
  3. Hamish Gill

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    Always reading and enjoying Dave ...
    I dont think you need to worry about only having a few photos to show us some weeks ... It just lessens the green eyed monsters chance to rear his head!
    I to like the silhouetted figures in the sea! really captures the busy hot feeling of the beach!
  4. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    BTW ... you blogged the wrong post, i have removed it for you so if you want to blog this one again go ahead

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