Monorail Kitty

Discussion in 'Animals and Wildlife' started by Lesley Jones, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

    With many thanks to Hamish for sorting out my server problem. Mind you... telling me I was using 500Gb rather than 500Mb shaved about ten years off my life! If anyone knows why an error log would be 375Mb, I would be interested in hearing from you. I guess I will have to keep deleting the things...

    Taken yesterday after we got back from a three hour round trip with the car full of donations to another Romanian rescue. The vehicles that bring the rescued cats and dogs over, go back full of gifts to keep them going. The lady I support just found two dear women looking after some 20 dogs and 30 cats. All are thin and in need of worm and flea treatments. Sometimes it makes my heart break. This is one Romanian rescue cat who doesn't have to worry any more. Bubu does do the "full monorail", but it doesn't make such a nice photograph :)

  2. Rob MacKillop

    Rob MacKillop Edinburgh Correspondent

    I'm so glad you are contributing again, Lesley, mainly because you come up with stunning images which no one else does. This is a fantastic shot, compositionally and colour-wise. Superb.
  3. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

  4. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Ditto ...

    A large error log denotes a lot of errors I would have thought ;)
  5. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    Me too. Lovely shot of a very happy kitten! :)
  6. Paul Lange

    Paul Lange Moderator

    That is a super photo and reminds me of that famous sketch of the kittens (who done it I can't remember) in so much as the image conveys so much of the cats character. Great choice of colour palette too, very classic looking.
  7. Dan Cattermole

    Dan Cattermole Dan Down - The Steampunk Womble

    Good to see you haven't left us after all.
    Wonderful timing with the photo.
  8. Kev Pugh

    Kev Pugh Well-Known Member

    So glad to see you posting again Lesley, stunning shot too
  9. Steve Boykin

    Steve Boykin Well-Known Member



    Is there somewhere or someone I can contribute to help?

  10. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

    Cheers all! It's good to be back. :)

    Steve - I hate Facebook with a vengeance, but I have an account to keep an eye on a dear friend who was very ill earlier this year. The lady I support is Anca-Maria Gadea, but there are loads of groups trying to help. The cruelty out there is unbelievable. Our Bubu (above) was stamped on as a tiny kitten. The vet who operated found a ruptured diaphragm and his liver stuck to his heart. He didn't breathe on his own for about four hours after surgery and they kept him going all that time. So many blind and one eyed cats and many with limbs lost to being shot. Anca found a lady dying from cancer caring for thirty cats and she knew the moment she died, her neighbours would put down poison. They got about a dozen cats out, but it's a constant struggle. Even pointing a few people to the group would help. Small donations go a lot further over there...
  11. Chris Dodkin

    Chris Dodkin West Coast Correspondent

    Welcome back Lesley :)
  12. Glenn Clabo

    Glenn Clabo Well-Known Member

    Wonderful all around shot Lesley. I love your work...welcome back.
  13. Beth Anthony

    Beth Anthony Well-Known Member

    very nice lesley, love the orange/turquoise colors.
  14. Keith Hollister

    Keith Hollister Active Member

    Fantastic image, both artistically and technically. The pose of the cat is great - not seeing the face makes it a very strong image IMHO. New here (first post other than the meet & greet), but this is one of those images I genuinely wish I had created myself. Outstanding work, Lesley.

    My wife is president of a large Golden Retriever rescue non-profit here in FL, so I am very sympathetic to your passion for rescuing companion animals.

  15. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

    That's very kind of you Keith. So you have a house full of rescues as well? :)
  16. Dave Green

    Dave Green Well-Known Member

    Awwww can't resist a kitty - nice shot.

    I reckon we need a "Post your Kitty" thread :)
  17. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

    Yes... I'll post mine. Now what's your address and I'll get him parcelled up this evening :D
  18. Keith Hollister

    Keith Hollister Active Member

    We are down to one Golden, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs - all rescues. We have had as many as 4 dogs and 3 cats here, which was a bit much considering we were both working then. My wife handles the administrative and financial aspects more than hands-on dog stuff. They are a large organization with a network of foster homes and adoption coordinators over much of the state of Florida. Our current Golden is spoiled rotten and loves being an only dog because he gets all the attention, so no more dogs for a bit.

    It is heartbreaking seeing what people do to companion animals sometimes. is the rescue organization
  19. Lesley Jones

    Lesley Jones Otherwise know as Zooey

    Wow! That's an impressive web site. It's clear to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes. We have been hovering just under 40 animals for some time, but something had to give and we are slowly letting the numbers come down. We once had 18 cats, but only have 8 now and down to 11 ferrets from 17. We used to have a fully grown green iguana in her own room in the attic, complete with pond and waterfall. We lost the last of our goats a couple of years ago, but still have 2 llamas and a pig. We take ex-battery hens too, although the latest batch are ex-free rangers. They still needed a home or they were going to become stock cubes :(
  20. Keith Hollister

    Keith Hollister Active Member

    OMG - I'm worn out just reading about it. I can't imagine the work. How do the ferrets and cats get along?

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