NASA Engineers (of the Lego variety)

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    Lunar Landing Module - another of my 60th-birthday gifts. But these two wouldn't let me near it, as they spent a good few hours making it. "Expert" level of construction. Of course, I accidentally broke it with my first touch, leaving them with having to backtrack for half an hour to redo what I had wrecked. Ahem. Even when it was finished they wouldn't let me near MY PRESENT :rolleyes: I don't blame them. I play with it when they are not around.

    2. The Start:


    3. The Moon, with creators and rocks...even footsteps!

    The Moon.jpg

    4. Camera poised to capture the "Giant Leap" - and it does look more of a leap than a step...


    5. Inner Gubbins:


    6. Cover


    Huawei P9 phone shots
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    Wonderful portrait of your two ladies, Rob.

    Are you letting the camera control the aperture settings or are you doing it manually? Whatever method the available light images look smashing!
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    I control the EV values and tap the screen for a focus point, but the camera does everything else. It's a really excellent camera for a phone. But as your President has declared war on the company, they might be hard to find in the US. Cost me £250, and it's easily as good as an iPhone, and much better than Susan's iPhone 6. No wonder people are worried. Even shoots raw if you ask it to.
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