New55 Atomic X Film

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  1. Pete Askew

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    The negative in the New55 instant film is called Atomic X and is also available as sheet film for use in standard holders, as well as part of the instant peel-apart package. I have ordered some, along with their one-bath dev/stop/fix developer to see what it is like in a standard setup as I am impressed with both its tonality and fine grain.

    The positives from New55 have a lot of, shall we say, character to them, which I like. The negatives though are more conventional (except for the lack of uniform edges in some cases) and produce very nice prints. I had not as yet scanned one though and so I decided to have a look at one of the ones I produced the other day. It was scanned (and inverted) in Silverfast 8 from a Microtek Scanmaker 1000XL at the maximum resolution (3200 dpi) just to see if I could see the grain - I can't! All that has been done to these is to output sharpen them in Nik Output Sharpener Pro via LR.

    Full Frame


    Crop (of main area of focus)

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    A bit late to party on this, Pete, but I love the image and who could not like a film called "Atomic X" ? :)
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  3. Rob MacKillop

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    I think we all missed this one. Sorry, Pete. It slipped under the radar.

    What a beautiful picture that is! The feather is so soft, I want to reach out and stroke it. I can only see one picture, though the text implies two. Absolutely gorgeous. Please do more!

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