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    I thought I would start a new thread for myself here on RPF, with the aim of recording all manner of photographic nonsense.

    I live in N-West England - the top left corner.
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    I've been racking my brains, trying to remember what my first camera was. I have a feeling it was a Halina something or other, but having spent a while using Go Ogle, I haven't been able to find anything that resembles my memory of it. A Paulette would be the closest thing I found, but they were from the mid-sixties and mine was bought in the seventies.

    It was a present for my ninth birthday. We were living in Central Africa at the time and the nearest town with a camera shop was a few hours drive away up a lonely road through the bush - which was a major event in itself. I distinctly remember my father giving the owner of the shop the brief and then being given the choice of two models.

    Having photos developed involved the same trip to the city to drop it off and another one sometime later to pick the pictures up so I had to keep my ears open for news of anyone in our community going and then persuade them to do me a favour. This made life extremely difficult for a budding young snapper.

    I think I only took one photo that I ever really liked with that device!
  3. Chris Bennett

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    My father was a keen photographer and most of my childhood memories are reinforced by the images he made with his camera. Family slideshows were a common way to spend evenings in an expat household where there was no TV in either our house or any of the neighbours'.
    All of those photos were made with this camera and lens.

    Praktica VF.JPG

    It's a Praktica VF with a Meyer Domiplan lens.
    It was a present from my mother, bought for him just one week before I was born. Although I hadn't arrived yet, we were about to move to Pakistan for a four year residency and he wanted an SLR to take with him. My Mum is a doctor and she used her British Medical Association membership to secure a discount on the deal. Total to pay: £42 9 shillings and 1 penny

    I still have the camera, complete with the receipt!

  4. Chris Bennett

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    Stop Press!
    After a lot more Gurgling, I've worked out which camera it was that I received for that birthday present as a kid.
    Not a Halina anything at all, it was an Agfa - an Optima II.

    Agfa Optima II.JPG

    It was the icons on the lens settings that gave it away.
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    Thanks, Chris. I'm enjoying this! :)
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    It's fun for me. I've just re-lived that trip to the camera shop on Cairo Road in Lusaka, back in 1974.
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