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Discussion in 'Equipment & Media' started by Michael Ross, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Michael Ross

    Michael Ross New Member

    Here we have the 'before' shots of my competition-entry-purchased £4.99 Yashica FX-3:



    A pretty sorry sight you'll agree? Soon to be transformed with a new set of VH Black leatherette panels from as reviewed on this site recently. I had to resist buying the Lizard Skin kit at $48, settling for the VH at just $14.10 including postage, or £9.35 sterling. The kit looked like this:


    I suspect Morgan runs as a side-line as the kits are made to order and took nearly a fortnight to arrive, so not for the overly impatient.

    The first job was to strip off all traces of the old perished covering, including the film-wind lever and the delay-shutter lever. Removing the covering on the delay-lever revealed a number 0 ISO screw retaining the lever which also needs to be removed:



    The next stage involved white-spirit and elbow-grease to remove all traces of the glue that held the original panels.

    When the body was completely dry I started to apply the new panels. I used a fine flat-bladed screwdriver to push the edges of the panels into place:


    Here you can see why the lever needs to be removed:




    And finally, the end result:


    Full marks to for the fit of the kit, it was incredibly accurately cut and very easy to apply. All I need to do now is get some black enamel paint to touch up the metal-work a bit and my £4.99 bargain will look as good as new again. And I might treat it to a new set of light seals. And I'm going to need another camera-bag as I've already bought two more lenses from eBay with the Y/C bayonet and the next nice day we get I'm going to put a reel of Fuji Velvia through it. Drat you Hamish, I thought I'd gone digital!
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  2. Chris Dodkin

    Chris Dodkin West Coast Correspondent

    Great write-up, and a smart looking end result :)

    Looks like the glue removal was a pain in the backside though!
  3. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Good effort, makes a hell of a difference that doesn't it!?bit of a paint job and it really will look brand new! I'm very chuffed that this little compo (thats still running, oops not done my shots yet ;)) has got a few people back into film! Ive barely taken a digital photo this year!!
  4. Alex Jevon

    Alex Jevon New Member

    Hi all,

    resurrecting this post to ask a specific question. I have my mum's fx-3 here with replacement leatherette grips ready to go, but I am struggling to find a screwdriver that fits the screw on the timer lever. The screw here's about 1mm across in diameter. I've tried a phillips #0 as mentioned and a #00 but it seems to be a smaller fitting and possibly the wrong shape. Could it actually be a frearson or similar? I'd love to get the grips replaced on this yashica. It's my mother's camera so having borrowed it for a year it would be a nice gesture to return it to her in better condition than when I borrowed it. Which means not stripping this screw. ;) The blades of the drivers weren't quite narrow enough, hence a bit of damage to the screw in the image.



    ps thanks for the guide to replacing the leathers! :D

  5. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    Hi Alex, and welcome to RPF. I do not know for certain but this looks too shallow to be Philips and I think you might be right and that it is a Frearson head screw. It certainly looks 'square' enough to be one and, despite being Japanese, it doesn't look like a JIS form either - the slots look too wide.
  6. Dave Farnes

    Dave Farnes Well-Known Member

    That is an interesting read. Great job, looks good as new.
  7. Alex Jevon

    Alex Jevon New Member

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks very much for your reply. I've had a couple of guys elsewhere suggest it actually is a JIS screw. Ha! So many different ways of making a cylindrical device spin...
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  8. Russ Butner

    Russ Butner Active Member

    Lois nice. I think I’ll do my FE-2 body.

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