Some old ones... (2015)

Discussion in 'Street' started by Rense Haveman, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Rense Haveman

    Rense Haveman Well-Known Member

  2. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    Very, very nice set, Rense. I love the lighting and feel of the man and dog and I really like the timing composition and sense of mystery of the first. I have a suspicion he's about to pack up that harp and follow them!
  3. Ivar D. Larsen

    Ivar D. Larsen Well-Known Member

    Agree with Pete here. I find the first one a bit more interesting.
  4. John Holland

    John Holland Active Member

    I also like the first image the best.
  5. Rob MacKillop

    Rob MacKillop Edinburgh Correspondent

    All very good. Love the b/w feel.
  6. Dave Farnes

    Dave Farnes Well-Known Member

    Very good set of images. All have a real atmosphere to them, you have captured the feel of modern people in an ancient city so well.

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