Some thoughts on film photography and my use of xp2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hamish Gill, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Brilliant post Hamish, and some nice feedback too. :)
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    This is a really great article and has inspired me. I'm currently working through three rolls to figure out exposure. I have a roll of Kodak C41 BW in an Olympus XA2 I've had sitting in a drawer since January, a roll of Fuji 200 in an old Ricoh SLR, and a roll of 200 in an Canonet I got at St. Vincent DePauls thrift store the other day on my lunch break. I think it's working. I guess I'll find out.

    I have been doing some general research on film cameras because starting in August I am taking a photography course where I work. We have a very good darkroom. It's B/W only. Anyway.... I think I am really going to enjoy this. So I'm now looking at maybe investing a bit more in a camera going forward. I have settled on the Fuji Klasse. Although I can't decide between the S and the W yet because I like both those focal lengths.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble, again this is a great article. I appreciate you sentiments re: the Lomography thing vs they shoot cameras I can't begin to think about affording crowd. I think in general for film photography the Lomo thing has been helpful even if some people find it fadish.

    BTW- Did you post that picture of your daughter in the window somewhere else? It's really a GREAT photo (as is the B/W one in the article).

    Thanks again. This was very helpful to me.

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