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Discussion in 'General' started by Peri Trigkas, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Peri Trigkas

    Peri Trigkas Member

    Matches in Europa league finished so lets get back to questions:D... I need some help with quicktime. I have a sequence of 320 photos. I just wanted to make a 10sec or so video. When I insert the sequence there is an option to set the frames per second.


    The same option appears when you press export and the options/settings


    Initially I thought that I could set the fps rate using either the 1st or the 2nd option. It seems that it doesn't work that way. The fps rate in the properties of the exported movie follows the second option, which is what I was expecting. The duration of the movie and the bitrate depend on the first option though.

    Here is the screenshots of 3 different files. The name of the file shows the fps rate for the 1st and 2nd option. The last two digits is refer to the key frame rate.

    prtsrc3.jpg --------- prtsrc4.jpg

    To recap: My question is why I get a 21 sec movie when I set 30 fps or 10 sec when I set 15 fps? The number of frames is 320. Any idea? I've looked in apple and quicktime forums but couldn't find anything.

    P.S. It's Quicktime pro 7.7.3
  2. Peri Trigkas

    Peri Trigkas Member

    oh ...I forgot to say that if you don't really have an answer to my problem it's just fine. You could suggest me another way or software. I've played with lightroom and virtualdu(m)b :p
  3. Adam Lewis

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    Seeing as you're after an alternative method, you can use imovie, import all photos as an 'event' and it'll stick them all together in the project.
    Problem with imovie, only 10 fps. So set photos to 0.1 seconds each, export video.
    Re-import video, adjust speed > 200% gives you 20fps . You're after 32fps?
    If so, export the 20fps, re-import and adjust to > 160% giving you 32fps.

    Terrible method I know. I've done it once to achieve 20fps , I couldn't be bothered to export/import again, it takes too long.
    Sorry my idea is worth zilch lol
  4. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

  5. Peri Trigkas

    Peri Trigkas Member

    Thanks Pete ! Yes I ve seen it... I like internet ..a lot :p

    Well, I didn't manage to find an answer and since I can't actually see any obvious difference in quality or anything else...I accept it as it is . Since the bit rate is within the acceptable rate and the frames per sec show as it I set it...im good :)

    If I notice any huge difference I ll come back for edit!

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