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  1. John Holland

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    One of Zurich's landmarks is the Uetliberg observation tower. Getting to Uetliberg is an easy train ride from the central station (I had heard that this particular train route is one of the steepest for standard gauge adhesion trains in Europe). from the train station, it is a short walk to the Uetliberg observation tower. Along the path you may see a "local inhabitant" trying to blend in, but it kind of stood out.


    There has been an observation tower on this location since 1894 (the current tower was built in 1990). There is a small fee to be able to access the observation deck.


    From the tower's observation platform (up 30 meters), you get wonderful panoramic views of Zurich, Lake Zurich, and the surrounding countryside. This is Wettswill am Albis - Zurich is to the camera left and slightly behind.

  2. Dave Farnes

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    Three beautiful images John, love them. The view from the top is amazing, must be worth the entry fee. That statue is the weirdest thing, does the animal come from local mythology?
  3. John Holland

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    Thanks you Dave for your comments. Definitely worth the entry fee (2 Swiss Francs I believe). I have no idea if the animal has some type of local mythology or not. To me it brings memories of Bullwinkle (from Rocky and Bullwinkle or the Bullwinkle show) -- "nothing up my sleeve"
  4. Pete Askew

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    Amazing stature and what a view. I have been the Zurich many times but never to the observation tower.

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