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Discussion in 'Locations' started by jay low, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. jay low

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    xxxxxx.jpg market2.jpg Yakpanda .
    go with local guide find local culture . never bore in chengdu
    As far as I know many tourists want find local interesting things instead touristy sites , do you worry about hard find it big city such as Chengdu ? of course Chengdu is famous for Sichuan opera. Pandas , and Giant Buddha . as you know Chengdu is a city has 2000 years of history , folk lore culture booming ,represent is embroidery .Sichuan cuisine and local antique market villages in suburb . it would be show you authentic of local culture ,

    One day when you coming to Chengdu . you need get know history about Sichuan and Chengdu . brief glimpse of highlight of Sichuan culture and history , Sichuan museum is a only one place , inside of museum have different of gallery , such as bronze articles gallery . unearthed this articles from Chengdu have important value , treasure of Chinese ,
    Also have Tibet Buddhism gallery and Sichuan ethnic minorities gallery , Sichuan custom culture gallery etc . after you appreciate it you have a idea what kind of local things your are interested , then take you time find it ….

    After that , l will bring you see local antiques markets , you don,t need buy any things from markets . from different ages antiques you can see local people ,s lifestyle and it own original folklore , culture, you know this such of places not in the guidebook , you can touch antiques, ask from vendor about antiques which you are interested , they are have tolerant tell you where is stuffs come from . how long of its history what is used in ancient time ……

    Evening time many people will going to opera house see Sichuan opera . but as you know local people like see it in the tea house . only tourists see it in the theatre,only yakpanda.com tour-guide understanding . l will bring you to Shunx old tea house see opera. Tea and kongfu tea go with it ,
    You also can join local snack, also go with tea and opera , according our tradition ,
    Yakpanda another strongpoint is you can see back stage life of opera actors , learn face changing how to works , see them how to make up before stage , and take photos with them .

    Such nice full one day in Chengdu go with yakpanda .com tour guide in Chengdu, you have many things going to explore in next day next day planed to learn Taichi in mountain qingchengshan , you know this is Taoism birth place you can learn original Taichi from master Shifu , also you can learn Sichuan cuisine near by . this is a special tour from yakpanda.com touguide .
    Of couse you can not avoid panda Giant Buddha tour , rest of day l can bring you visit this remarked site ,
    Waiting for next story from pandayak .com tour guide
    panda.jpg ls.jpg
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    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Jay, are you a photographer?

    Although this doesn't appear particularly malicious ... I'm included to remove it as spam ... ?
  3. jay low

    jay low New Member

    hi . i,m a photographer , l want share my tour experience with lens . this is not a spam . please
  4. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    ... well it does sound a little bit like you are trying to sell guided tours?
  5. Chris Dodkin

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    Jay Low - I think you're amazingly talented, and love all your albums.


    I even watch every episode of American Idol so I can see you - thanks so much for joining our forum.

    Do you have any pictures you've taken on tour, or of your old hubby Marc Anthony?
  6. jay low

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    ohh . thank you guys , l have more travel photos when l bring photography group travel in west china , most of then is ethnic minoties culture and yakpanda, i will upload later ,
    next year l will trave agian , more photos will be amazing

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