F/S Canon 5d Mk1 & Prime Lenses

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    OK, having given it some very serious thought I've finally decided I want to move away from DSLR and head over into Fuji territory. I already own an X10, but am thinking the X100/XE-1 itch I have needs scratching, so I'm selling off the following.

    1. Canon 5D Mark 1 with body cap.
    Comes with an EE-S screen already fitted, (I think I may have the original screen somewhere which I'll include if I can find it), charger, spare battery, Canon strap. No original box, but I do have a manual and the body will be packaged up safely. Serial number begins with 2, so has the newer LCD and no shutter problem. Generally it's in good condition for age, with no major marks, rear screen has a visible mark but is hard to see or photograph. (see photos).

    Looking for £400 via BT delivered by RMSD

    2. Canon 28mm f/1.8 Lens
    Lens is in good condition, with no major marks. Approximately 2 years old. Comes boxed and includes Lens Hood. I'm looking for £210 including RMSD by BT

    3. Canon 50mm f/1.4 Lens
    In good condition with no major marks. Lens is approximately 2 years old. Looking for £220 including RMSD by BT, delivered by RMSD

    4. Canon 100mm f/2
    This is a great lens, ideal for crop or full frame. No real major marks, although the finish has rubbed off around one area (see photos). I'd like £200 including RMSD by BT

    5. Canon 28-70mm f/3.5 - f4.5
    A real golden oldie, works on full frame or crop bodies. No images at present, but can provide if interested. I'd like £50.00 for this including RMSD

    Items are for sale elsewhere...

    Full Photo Set of all kit Here


    Canon 5D_1 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr


    Canon 5D_2 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr


    Canon 5D_4 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr


    Canon 5D_5 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr


    Canon 5D_7 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr

    Here's images of lenses...


    Canon_28_2 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr


    Canon_50_2 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr


    Canon_100_1 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr


    Canon_100_3 by mrdaveyoung, on Flickr

    Thanks for looking :)
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    All sold bar the 28-70.


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