F/S Nikon Af-s 18-35mm F/3.5-4.5g Ed

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    Nikon AF-S 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED

    This is quite simply one of the best ultrawide/wide angle lenses you can buy for a full frame Nikon like the D600, D800, D700 etc.

    It has received glowing reviews since its introduction in 2012, with many tests finding it is actually sharper at some focal lengths than the more famous 16-35 F4, which is also larger, heavier and costs £800+. Here's an example review from ePhotozine: http://www.ephotozine.com/article/nikon-af-s-18-35mm-f-3-5-4-5g-ed-lens-review-21687

    For owners of APS-C Nikon models like the D7000, D5xx, D300, D90 etc, you can take advantage of this lens's fantastic sharpness from centre right through to the borders.

    The lens comes complete with everything and is in very good condition. It has been fitted with a Hoya Pro Digital 77mm UV filter.

    Now reduced to £350, which includes RMSD. This is now SOLD.

    Here are some pics of the actual lens for sale:




    I used the 18-35 lens in Cornwall to take landscape pics at Lands End, and have attached a couple of them below:


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