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  1. Russ Butner

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    B&W or color, and why?


    44A8E71B-3704-4DB1-A443-ABD2E166EF86.jpeg 365EB2DA-317E-4F9C-A736-F5C337816C03.jpeg
  2. Chris Bennett

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    OK, I'll tell you what I think, for what it's worth.

    Of the two, I prefer the b&w version. The reason I don't prefer the colour is that the flesh tones in the right hand side draw all of my attention to that part of the image. It makes the diagonal line of the fabric act as a stop to my eye. I find this a shame, because when I look at the b&w version, my eye is left to explore the whole image and there are some really nice things about the folds and textures in the fabric. I realise some might say the subject is everything and that line does a good job, but not for me.

    I think they would both be rendered more compelling to my eye if there were a good bit more contrast there. - I think the colour version would gain more from such an uplift but I think I would still prefer the b&w.
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  3. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    I can see what Chris means, but for me the colour image is more compelling. First because the colours are so natural and the contrast between the skin tones and the teal of the wrap work so well (even though one might expect the large area of it to detract - it doesn't though I think). The second is that one is drawn immediately to the eyes and their subtle catch-lights which, given the perfect focus, is just right.

    Well, two contrasting views: that's helpful isn't it?! ;)

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