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Discussion in 'Street' started by Chris Bennett, Oct 3, 2021.

  1. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    Phone Box #1.JPG

    Phone Box #2.JPG

    Phone Box #3.JPG

    Phone Box #4.JPG

    I like these images but I do find some of them slightly disturbing.
    Sony NEX-5 / Sigma 30mm f/1.4. Shot @ f/5.6 or thereabouts through two panes of sorely abused glass.
  2. Dave Farnes

    Dave Farnes Well-Known Member

    Well done for coming up with a new angle to view from, truly original.

    Yes, they are slightly disturbing. Maybe that comes from film noir / spy movie scenes with a public phone ringing in the night.
  3. Rob MacKillop

    Rob MacKillop Edinburgh Correspondent

    The last is perfect. Superb. Neo-Renaissance-like!
  4. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dave.
    I've had this idea that phone boxes might make interesting canvases for quite a while now and have experimented repeatedly with them over the last few years, but was never able to come up with anything really satisfying. However, I now have my old two hour Saturday morning street photography slot back in my diary, after well over a year and, yesterday, it was peeing it down with rain, so I was darting from one bit of shelter to the next. This phone box, which I have tried and failed to make images of before, was just feet away from some scaffolding and with the boards above my head, I was able to stay dry for long enough to experiment and persevere. I think it paid off because, after a while, I stopped looking and began to see.
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  5. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    Ha, I didn't spot that angle to it Rob. Thanks, you made me grin! That one is my favourite and, I feel, the most disturbing one. The mirror image one-way stickers orientated like that really set all sorts of thoughts off in my brain!
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  6. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    What a great idea, Chris - I do understand that obsession of knowing there's an image there somewhere feeling - hence standing for 10 minutes following the antics of red, heart-shaped balloon, no doubt to the bemusement of passers-by! All are fine, but the last two especially so and I think they make a really interesting pairing as well.
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  7. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    Thanks Pete.
    There's a rich vein of phone box shots out there, waiting for me! Actually there is another location where I have been working on a shot for several weeks/visits now, where it requires shooting through two panes of glass. I may never get it though, because I reckon it needs raindrops on the windows but there is shelter above, preventing that happening.

    Now you have told us about them, we just have to see your balloon shots!
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  8. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

  9. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    A few more from the phone box.



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  10. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

    Disturbing is right. Some of them are superbly disturbing and therefore superb images. Numbers 3 and 4 in the first group and the last two in the second. Great stuff!
  11. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    Thanks Brian. Catching these kinds of images is proving to have become a somewhat absorbing obsession.
    I spent a little while there during a spare hour in town the other morning, while waiting for an appointment. I thought I might try slowing the shutter speed down a bit on the people hurrying past to their places of work.
  12. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member


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  13. Wes Hall

    Wes Hall Member

    That last shot of the puffer jacket man is wonderfully stretched, really emphasises urban dystopia for modern day Britain.
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