Prairie Cloudscape

Discussion in 'Landscape and Architecture' started by Larry Bolch, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Larry Bolch

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    I had the chance to spend the weekend photographing an expedition hunting iridescent ammonite, from which comes the very rare gemstone ammolite. It is only found in Madagascar and this area on the Alberta great plains. We visited two sites that were extremely remote and one would never find without a guide. Towns were distant and the roads unmarked and not mapped.

    The expedition got their gems, and I got a some photographic gems. There is nothing whatever about the Alberta prairie that is just half-vast.
  2. Paul Lange

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    I love the sky which is obviously the focal point of the image. I think we take the sky for granted most of the time its beautiful and ever changing.

    Hope you don't mind me saying but I find the photo a bit of a wrestle to look at, my eye wants to travel is six different directions rather than flow over the image. However it does show the expanse of the place, something we don't get in the UK.
  3. Larry Bolch

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    Montana calls itself "The Big Sky Country", but it applies even more so on this side of the border. Often the magnificence of the sky equals the scenery below. Even a cloudless sky can be pretty intense as a backdrop.
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    Just had a look at the website. What you wrote reminded me a little of Degas who produced some of his best work when he was becoming blind.
  5. Larry Bolch

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    A photo-realist painter with fuzzy vision would automatically become an impressionist? ;-D

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