Scotish Red Kites.

Discussion in 'Animals and Wildlife' started by Glen Roberts, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Glen Roberts

    Glen Roberts Well-Known Member

    Had a ride up to Scotland for the day to see photograph some Red Kites at the Laureston Red Kite Feeding Station. It was a 270 mile round trip but it was worth it:D.

    All taken with 400mm lens at f5.6, iso between 200 - 400, Aperture Priority, Centre focus point and AI Servo.




    Uncropped shot to show how close they are.

    This one was so close I couldn't fit all the wings in so I cropped it to make it a bit better composition.
  2. Darren Turner

    Darren Turner XProPhotographer

    OMG........These are awesome and i would say your best yet that you have showed should be real proud of these, i would be............!!

    Your 3rd images is impressing me showing 3 Birds at various angles, however you cant beat image 5 (faint) for detail..........!!

  3. Pete Askew

    Pete Askew Admin

    Superb Glen. You must be pleased.
  4. Glen Roberts

    Glen Roberts Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I am a bit pleased with these they turned out better than I expected.
    I nearly posted a couple more but didn't want to bore you
  5. Ralph Thornton

    Ralph Thornton Well-Known Member

    Great job Glen! I like the second best. It seems to tell a story there. But the detail in the closeup is a tight second IMO. Thanks for letting me see these.

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