Tetenal-Eukobrom Vs Tetenal-Eukobrom AC

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  1. Chris Bennett

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    H-e-l-p !!!

    I'd be grateful for some advice if folks area able to help.

    I've got some Washi W film, which the maker states is best developed in Tetenal-Eukobrom in a tray under a safe light in a 1+1 solution for 3 minutes at 20 deg. C. This is the only developer the spec sheet mentions that will allow exposure at ISO 25, which is what I need to do.

    I have bought, in error, some Tetenal-Eukobrom AC, which is different!

    I understand that the difference is that the standard version uses hydroquinone , like most developers and the AC version uses isoascorbate instead (vitamin C).

    My question is, can I just substitute one for the other without a problem or will I have to make some other adjustment? I am not a chemist by any means, so I just don't know!

    Any clues folks?
    Help would be much appreciated.

    Film data sheet - https://filmwashi.com/datasheet/W25_en.pdf
  2. Brian Moore

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    Below is a link to a page that describes Tetenal's AC product. You've probably seen it but I thought I'd post it anyway just in case you haven't. It reads like it was created as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the product you intended to buy. Whether that means it's sufficiently interchangeable to get you 25 ISO out of Washi W is a guess. Have you tried contacting Tetenal directly?


    Also, the Massive Development Chart lists Eukobrom twice as a developer for Washi W and although the ISO differs for each listing all other variables (time, film type, temp) are the same for both listings, which is curious. Maybe this suggests one of the listings is for the AC version, though it is not spelled out.


    Good luck.
  3. Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett Well-Known Member

    Hi Brian, thanks for your post.
    I didn't contact Tenenal - that was going to be my next approach after I contacted the maker of the film. He was very helpful.

    He has never tried Eukobrom AC and he suggested that, for an exposure at ISO 3 or 6 (which he rates as the best for the likes of Rodinal) it would probably not matter, although he didn't feel able to guarantee good results for !SO 12 or 25.

    He suggested trying out some test strips of paper but also said that a good alternative would be either Ilford PQ Universal or Multigrade, diluted at 1+1 as for the Tetanal and I should get results very similar to Eukobrom.

    Rather than persevere with something of question, I was able to cancel my order in time and substitute the Tetanal for PQ Universal.
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  4. Brian Moore

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    Oh good. I look forward to seeing your pictures if you post any.
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