F/S Vintage No. 2C Pocket Kodak Folding Camera with Manual

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  1. Den Roman

    Den Roman New Member

    Hi Group,

    I've posted another vintage camera from my collection on Ebay...a Kodak No. 2C Pocket Folding Camera with a manual. I'm only selling it "as is" because I don't know how to test the vintage camera and I don't want to risk breaking it, but it appears to be in working order.

    Vintage No. 2C Pocket Kodak Folding Camera with Manual | eBay


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  2. Hamish Gill

    Hamish Gill Well-Known Member

    Looks nice!
    That thing on the side of the lens is the "stylus" they don't always come with the cameras so that should work in your favour!
    im not sure the manual is for that camera though
  3. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

    I agree with hamish; that manual isn't for that camera.
  4. Den Roman

    Den Roman New Member

    Thanks Hamish for letting me know about the stylus. Some of these vintage cameras are really odd to me.

    Actually, I'm not positive that it is a manual for the camera as much as it is a booklet. The odd thing is that the photos in the booklet look pretty identical to the camera, so perhaps Kodak made it as a general reference?? Perhaps I should clarify the listing. It talks about loading the camera, focusing, shutter speeds, stop openings, exposure, and identifies parts on the camera...nice little booklet.

  5. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

  6. Den Roman

    Den Roman New Member

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the link...it was very helpful. I've revised the listing to just include an informative Kodak booklet, but not the actual manual to the camera. Unfortunately, I'm thinking that selling these vintage cameras "as is" is turning people off....I just don't want to attempt testing things I don't know anything about and risk ruining it. It's ashame because they truly are very nice cameras....I'm hoping people can tell from the photos.
  7. Brian Moore

    Brian Moore Moderator

    Den,...I've bought quite a few cameras from E-bay over the years. There are so many listings in which the seller says they "know nothing about cameras" or have "no way of testing" or some such other vague explanation of why they cannot give an indication of the camera's condition that my default thought process is to suspect chicanery. I realize this is not always the case--your's being an example--but it's my suspicion. And this often prevents me from bidding.

    I guess because I feel comfortable around a camera and can generally figure out how to get the shutter to work and so on, that I don't understand why others cannot at least do some fundamental checks.

    Given that you are not a camera collector/enthusiast I feel that your description is quite well-written and informative. You seem to have given the camera a good esthetic evaluation. But mechanically I am left in doubt. You do not say, for example, whether the shutter is functional. The other thing is that film for this camera is no longer available, so it would be for collectors only, not users. (It may be possible to modify it so that it shoots 120 film. If so, a little research would tell you that and you might want to include such a comment in the description.)

    It could also be that your starting bid is a little high. These old Kodak cameras, although I personally think they are all wonderful, just aren't worth a lot of money. Did you take a look at recent selling prices on this or like models? That might give you a better valuation of the worth of the camera.

    Good luck with it Den. Its a nice looking old machine.
  8. Den Roman

    Den Roman New Member

    Great feedback Brian...I really appreciate it. I went back and checked the camera again and the f/stops, shutter settings, and shutter work just fine, so I revised the listing to mention that. In fact, anything on the camera that is suppose to move, set, or open/close, does. Also, I did check other listings before putting mine out there, and the last one just like mine sold for $80... and personally I think mine looks better, but that's just my opinion. There's also another one similar that is asking double what I'm asking, so I thought the starting price was fair....it's pretty much set at the lowest I'd consider for it right now, and that's keeping in mind that ebay and paypal want their cut too :(

    I've always enjoyed Kodak cameras as well - they really knew how to make 'em.


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